This feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Please update any existing implementations to use supported features.
This configuration file is no longer used and should be upgraded to corresponding ui.modern.extra_searches.* configuration keys.

extra_search.ID.cfg was used to define an extra search which can be enabled using the ui.modern.extra_searches search package configuration setting.

The configuration file applies to Funnelback 16.10 and earlier.


Funnelback can be configured to run extra searches that are run in parallel with a search. The results from extra searches are appended to the search response and can be used to enhance the search results.

The ui.modern.extra_searches configuration option specifies a set of extra search IDs. Each ID must correspond to an extra_search.ID.cfg file which sets the parameters for the extra search.


A text file consisting of two lines:



Run an additional search (with the same query) for the top three items from the client~ds-courses data source:

query_processor_options= -num_ranks=3

This extra search can then be enabled by setting ui.modern.extra_searches=courses on the search package.

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