Click logs

The Funnelback click logs record collection search results and best bets that users have clicked on and provides information on popular results.


Set click_tracking=true in a collection’s collection.cfg file to enable click logging.

Log locations

Live Funnelback logs are located at:

$SEARCH_HOME/data/collection_name/live/log/*.log (e.g. /opt/funnelback/data/shakespeare/live/log/clicks-localhost.log)

This log file is updated for each click. Note that older versions of Funnelback store clicks in queries.log and later versions use clicks.log.

When the collection is updated, these files are then archived by moving them to the directory:


The archived file is named according to the current date and hostname e.g. /opt/funnelback/data/collection/archive/clicks-localhost.20190827_022830.log.gz.

Log format

Click logs have the following format: one line in the log file per click processed and each line contains fields separated by commas. Some example lines from a clicks.log:

Tue Aug 27 03:08:03 2019,,http://fake/?collection=foodista&profile=_default&query=cream,11,,CLICK,0d5f0777-8caf-4774-8d7f-f537b77e6c3c
Tue Aug 27 03:30:03 2019,,http://fake/?collection=foodista&profile=_default&query=cream%20%7Ctags%3A%22%24%2B%2B%20cheese%20%24%2B%2B%22,2,,CLICK,0d5f0777-8caf-4774-8d7f-f537b77e6c3c
Tue Aug 27 03:30:39 2019,,http://fake/?collection=foodista&profile=_default&query=foodista,0,,FP,0d5f0777-8caf-4774-8d7f-f537b77e6c3c

The individual fields in each line are described in the following table:

Field no. Field name Notes



The format is: Tue Aug 27 03:08:03 2019



The IP address of the request.



The page that this click was made from. e.g



The rank the clicked result was presented at (beginning from 1, 0 means a featured page)



The URI that the click should take the browser to. i.e. the actual search result


type of result identifier

An identifier where FP indicates a click on a best bet, whereas CLICK indicates a click on a regular search result.


User identifier

Unique identifier of a user, if search session and history is enabled. If not, then a dash - will be written to this field.