query-qie.cfg defines a set of query independent evidence weightings that are applied based on the results returned by a set of queries.


Query independent evidence is used to assign a weighting to documents that is applied regardless of what query is being run. This allows an administrator to mark certain documents that are generally more or less important in your content.

For example, documents from a particular website may be up-weighted, while documents of a particular filetype may be down-weighted.

Editing query-qie.cfg

query-qie.cfg is created within a data source, using the Configuration file manager


A text file, with one QIE score and one query language expression per line, or a comment.

# comment line



a floating point number (within a range of 0.0-1.0), specifying the QIE weight to be applied. A value between 0.5 and 1.0 indicates an up-weight, a value between 0.0 and 0.5 indicates a down-weight.


a Funnelback search query, expressed using the Funnelback query language.


A comment which is ignored when processing the configuration file.

  • If QUERY-LANGUAGE-EXPRESSION is used more than once in query-qie.cfg with different weightings, the first weighting will be applied.

  • If a document matches rules in both qie.cfg and query-qie.cfg, the configuration from qie.cfg will take precedence.

  • Invalid lines in query-qie.cfg will be skipped when an update runs and a warning will be recorded in the Step-SetQIE.log. An invalid line is usually the result of an invalid or out-of-range QIE-WEIGHT being specified.

For example:

# comment line
0.4 [enterprise organization]
0.6 type:publication

Sets a QIE weight of 0.4 on documents containing the term enterprise or organization, and QIE weight 0.6 on documents containing the metadata class type with the value publication.

If a document is returned in both of the queries specified above it will receive the first matching QIE weighting from the configuration file. In this example a document matching both queries will receive a QIE weight of 0.4 if it matches both of the queries. Any document that matches a query and any rule defined in the qie.cfg will get the matching QIE weight from the qie.cfg