Specifies how much time must have passed since the last time Accessibility Auditor data was recording before new data will be recorded.

Key: accessibility-auditor.min-time-between-recording-history-in-seconds
Type: Long
Can be set in: collection.cfg


Funnelback records a history of Accessibility Auditor data (for example, the number of failures) at the specific points in time. This option allows you to configure the minimum time that needs to elapse between these points in order to reduce noise.

Although the setting is per collection, the value used on a meta collection is from the collection which triggered the meta dependencies to run. In this way, it is possible to ensure that when a particular collection is updated Accessibility Auditor data will always be recorded, yet data might not be recorded for every update of a frequently updating collection.

Default Value

For non Push collections it is set to zero, meaning that when those collections update they will always record Accessibility Auditor history on both the collection and any meta dependencies.


For Push collections it is set to 20 minutes, meaning that when a Push collection runs meta dependencies, Accessibility Auditor history will only be recorded if it has been at least 20 minutes since the last time data was recorded.


How often meta dependencies will run for a Push collection is controlled by push.scheduler.delay-between-meta-dependencies-runs. Accessibility Auditor history is not recorded on a Push collection, it is only recorded on its meta parents.