Importing and exporting best bets

Best bets can be imported in bulk from a CSV file.

Importing and exporting best bets via the search dashboard

Best bets are exported by selecting the Tools  export menu item from the best bets listing screen.

Best bets are imported by clicking on the import button displayed on the empty best bets listing screen, or by selecting the Tools  import menu item from the best bets listing screen.

All existing best bets will be overwritten when importing so ensure that the CSV file includes all best bests you wish to apply to your search.

CSV file format

The CSV file needs to be provided in a specific format in order to be imported correctly. The first row should be a header row containing the following field names while subsequent rows should contain the data to be imported.


  • triggerQuery: Trigger keywords

  • triggerType: When the best bet should be shown; Available values are:

    • ExactQuery - trigger keyword(s) exactly match query

    • AllQueryWords - all trigger keyword(s) appear in the query

    • QuerySubstring - the trigger keyword appears as a substring of the query

    • QueryRegularExpression - the trigger keyword is a regular expression

  • title: The title of the best bet to be displayed (HTML is permitted)

  • displayUrl: URL to display

  • linkUrl: URL to link to

  • removeCollectionUrl: If a search result has the same URL as this best bet, only display the best bet. Available values are: true, false

  • description: The summary description to be displayed (HTML is permitted)

  • status: Indicates if the best bet is/should be published. Available values are: PUBLISHED, NOT_PUBLISHED. If this column is omitted then imported best bets will automatically be set as PUBLISHED.


example,ExactQuery,<h1>Title 1</h1>,,,false,
example,QuerySubstring,Title 2,,,true,My description