Funnelback 8.3.0 release notes

Released: 2nd June 2009


Some Linux distributions (e.g. RedHat Enterprise 5.0) may not have a required Perl library needed for correct operation ( To ensure this library is installed, please run the following in a command shell:

sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install HTML::Entities'

If you have not used CPAN before you may need to answer a set of questions before it will start downloading and installing the required package. You will also need to have gcc (or equivalent) present on the machine to compile the library after download. If the package installs correctly you should see a message like "HTML::Entities is up to date.".

Alternatively, if your environment offers the yum package manager, the following command will install the required Perl library:

yum install perl-HTML-Parser

New Features

  • Support for crawling sites which use Windows Integrated Authentication (e.g. NTLM)

  • New Lotus collection type with improved performance when gathering content from Lotus Notes

  • Numeric metadata support in PADRE

  • New <s:decode> tag for HTML decoding text (e.g. from other tags)

Upgrade Issues

  • URL prefix functionality has been removed - use of result_transforms is recommended instead

  • Use of summary.xsl has been removed

Selected improvements and bugfixes

  • Numerous fixes for UTF8 characters in search queries

  • Support for crawling Sharepoint sites using a standard web collection

  • Support for long file paths in filecopy collections (stored using MD5 sum of original path)

  • New filecopy.max_files_stored parameter (specify maximum number of files to store in a filecopy collection)

  • Facets now available via xml.cgi interface

  • Database gatherer now supports specification of no primary key or a compound primary key

  • Ability to specify a limit on number of results to check for Document Level Security (DLS)

  • Fixed spelling suggestions for meta collections on Windows

  • Fix the slow changing of permissions on upgrades from very large installations

  • Click and tag ranking now fully supported for database collections

  • Improved support for UTF-8 characters in database collections

  • Fixed problems with 'URL Fill' based facets for filecopy collections

  • Allow the thesaurus file to be unsorted