Training - How to complete the training

The training material can be used as a series of tutorials or in conjunction with a Funnelback training environment.

There are a few options available for completing the training interactively:

Instructor-led training

Instructor-led training can be booked via your account manager.

Squiz DXP

The training can be run from the Squiz DXP - however you will need enough spare capacity in your license while completing the training (this capacity can be recovered by removing the training data sources that are created when completing the training).

Vagrant Funnelback training VM

This VM is currently only available to Squiz staff.

If you have a PC or an Intel-based Mac you can use the Funnelback Vagrant training VM. If you have an M1 based Mac then you will need to contact your manager to arrange access to a hosted version of the training.

Ensure you have:

  • Downloaded the latest Funnelback Vagrant training VM box file

  • Installed VirtualBox and Vagrant on your local computer

  • Added the Funnelback training VM (using the vagrant box add command)

  • Started the Funnelback training VM, and confirmed that you are able to access the web search dashboard.

Squiz-hosted training VM

This option is currently only available to Squiz staff.