Funnelback 15.10.0 release notes

15.10.0 - New features

  • Redesigned accessibility auditor reporting interface, and new WCAG technique implementations.

  • Redesigned trend alerts reporting interface.

15.10.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Curator rule editing now supports custom structured parameters for most actions.

  • Introduced a minimum length (15 characters) when user change their password.

  • The default hashing mechanism for passwords is now BCRYPT. Existing user passwords will continue to use the legacy hashing mechanism until the password is updated via the Administration interface or accounts API.

  • Session information is now correctly stored for very long queries.

  • Added support for configuring acceptable SSL cipher suites and protocols.

  • Web crawler will no longer report 'invalid' protocols like data: and tel:.

  • Introduced standardised filters for converting CSV or JSON to XML.

  • Fixed overwriting of changed cookie values during form interaction authentication.

  • Improved URL drilldown selection within content auditor.

  • Introduced profile management interface.

  • Introduced a default timeout (50 seconds) for IncludeURL tags, avoiding blocking threads forever in some cases.

  • Fixed cases where collection update progress would not be displayed after starting an update.

  • Fixed date sorting to work correctly for past and future documents (rather than being based on proximity to current date).

  • The query processors (padre-sw) -SF option now accepts regex.

  • The version of Jsoup included has been upgraded to 1.10.2.

  • Log files are no longer created when collections which do not exist for the current Funnelback installation are requested.

15.10.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Due to the improved password hashing mechanism, HTTP Basic Authentication for APIs is considerably slower than in previous versions. If performance is a concern, API users are advised to switch to token-based authentication.

  • The sessions database schema has changed to allow for longer queries. The inbuilt session databases will be automatically upgraded, however if you are using a external database for sessions you will need to run update-session-db.groovy with the appropriate driver and url.

  • Due to the new IncludeURL default timeout, IncludeURL calls expected to take longer then 50 seconds should manually set a higher timeout.

15.10.0 - Notice

  • Please be aware that 15.10 is the last version of Funnelback which will support running on Windows Server 2008.

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