XML endpoint - search.classic

This feature is deprecated. Integrations with search.classic should be updated to one of the alternate search endpoints.

The legacy XML endpoint provides a compatibility mode with the old XML format returned by Funnelback’s classic UI which was superseded in Funnelback 11 and removed completely when Funnleback 15 was released.

The modern UI provides an XML entry point, search.xml, that outputs an XML format different from the classic UI. search.classic tries to emulate this format, but uses the modern UI under the hood.

Emulating the format means that if you’re using an XML wrapper, you should be able to take advantage of the modern UI without having to change the code that interpret the XML output. For example if your wrapper uses the following XML entry point: http://example.com/search/xml.cgi, you could change the URL to http://example.com/s/search.classic and continue using your XML wrapper.

Many features added to Funnelback since v11 are not available when using the legacy XML endpoint.

While most of the classic UI XML tags are emulated, some aren’t: