Auto-completion widget - data set source configuration

The following options can be used within auto-completion data set configuration to configure the data set, and also to adjust various aspects of the data set behaviour:

  • alpha: Adjusts the influence of length and weighting for determining the suggestion order.

  • callback: Callback function to run before returning them to the TypeAhead plugin.

  • collection: The collection from where the auto-completion data set should be sourced.

  • default call: Configured a default action to perform for this data set when the Concierge widget receives focus.

  • profile: The profile (within collection) where the auto-completion data set should be sourced.

  • show: Controls how many suggestions should be returned when lookup up this data set.

Advanced data set source settings

The following advanced options can be used to integrate with non-standard sources of auto-completion (such as search-based auto-completion or an external non-Funnelback auto-completion web-service)

  • data type: Controls the JSON format to return.

  • format: Controls the display format of the auto-completion JSON.

  • params: List of additional parameters to supply to the auto-completion program.

  • program: The web service URL to which the auto-completion request is sent.

  • query key: The parameter where the auto-completion partial query should be set.

  • query val: The value to be replaced in the URL with the partial query.

  • transform: Transformation function used to map response data returned by the auto-completion web service into the structure required by the Concierge widget.