Funnelback patch

  • Released: 2017-06-21

  • Applies to: v15.10.0

  • Internal reference: SUPPORT-2447


Introduces the ability to customize the jetty access logging configuration with logback.

The default behaviour of logging is unchanged, however with this patch it is possible to configure access log compression, filtering and size-based retention policies if desired.

See Funnelback version 15.12 "Configuring embedded web server" documentation for details and example of how to customize access logging configurations.

Fixes a bug where Content Auditor would be incompatible with collections that had facets configured.

Affected files

  • web/server/funnelback-jetty-launcher.jar

  • web/webapps/funnelback-publicui.war


  • ( If the installation has Facebook collections, the Version given to the DefaultFacebookClient should be changed to Version.Latest e.g. new DefaultFacebookClient(Version.LATEST).

  • (Windows only) Stop currently running crawls.

  • Stop the Jetty web server and the Funnelback daemon.

  • Deploy the provided files on top of an existing install, backing up all replaced files.

  • Start the Jetty web server and the Funnelback daemon.

  • (Windows only) Start crawls as needed.