Funnelback patch

  • Released: 2016-05-15

  • Applies to: v15.10.0

  • Internal reference: SUPPORT-2409 SUPPORT-2421 SUPPORT-2425


Fixes a bug where very long duplicate titles in the Content Auditor would incorrectly wrap.

Fixes a bug where the auto completion for the Funnelback documentation in the admin interface would not work correctly.

Fixes a bug where $GROOVY_COMMAND in the post_update_command collection.cfg option would not be expanded.

Affected files

  • web/webapps/funnelback-publicui.war

  • lib/java/all/funnelback-collection-update.jar

  • lib/perl/Funnelback/


  • On Windows stop currently running crawls and the Funnelback daemon.

  • Stop the Jetty Web server.

  • Deploy the provided files on top of an existing install for your operating system.

  • Start the Jetty Web server.

  • On Windows start the Funnelback daemon and start crawls as needed.