Specify the template for the search history suggestions

Key: ui.modern.session.search_history.suggest.display_template
Type: String
Can be set in: profile.cfg, collection.cfg


You can specify a template for search history suggestions to define how each suggestion should be displayed when ui.modern.session.search_history.suggest is enabled

It’s using a micro-templating system allowing you to choose which fields should be displayed for each suggestions.

The following tokens are available:

  • query: Previous query run

  • totalMatching: Number of results the query yielded

Tokens are used in curly brackets, e.g. {query}. The modern UI will replace the token with actual values when rendering the suggestions.

Default Value

ui.modern.session.search_history.suggest.display_template={query} <small>({totalMatching})</small>


Only display the query in italics: