Managing best bets

Best bets are managed from the best bets section of the insights dashboard. The best bets screen provides tools for creation, editing, cloning and deletion of best bets, and also the ability to publish and unpublish.

Initial view

If your results page does not have any best bets defined the following screen is displayed when accessing the best bets screen:

managing best bets 01

Manage view

If your results page has existing best bets defined, a table listing the configured best bets is displayed. Clicking on a best bet opens the best bet inside the editor. Administrators also have the ability to publish, un-publish, clone and delete a best bet:

managing best bets 02

Cloning an item makes a copy of an existing best bet that can then be edited.

Best bets are not available in the live search until they are published. This allows a best bet to be created and tested before release, or staged for later use.

Clicking the add new button opens the best bet editor.

To remove a best bet it must first be set to an unpublished status by clicking the un-publish button. Once unpublished the best bet can be deleted by clicking on the delete icon.

All best bets can be removed by selecting the tools  clear all menu item.