Plugin: Fetch external metadata from URL


Use this plugin to download an external metadata configuration file from a publicly accessible URL during an update.

This plugin enables you to fetch an external metadata configuration file from a publicly accessible URL at index time.

When to use this plugin

  • To get title, description and other metadata for binary documents that are stored within your DXP Content Management service, or within Squiz Matrix.

  • If you are indexing content from an external system, and you need to download additional metadata to attach to URLs.

The downloaded external metadata must be a valid external-metadata.cfg file.


Enable the plugin

  1. Select Plugins from the side navigation pane and click on the Fetch external metadata from URL tile.

  2. From the Location section, select the data source to which you would like to enable this plugin from the Select a data source select list.

The plugin will take effect after setup steps and an advanced > full update of the data source has completed.

Configuration settings

The configuration settings section is where you do most of the configuration for your plugin. The settings enable you to control how the plugin behaves.

The configuration key names below are only used if you are configuring this plugin manually. The configuration keys are set in the data source configuration to configure the plugin. When setting the keys manually you need to type in (or copy and paste) the key name and value.

External metadata file source URL

Configuration key


Data type



This setting is required

Defines the source URL for the external metadata configuration file.

Fail on error

Configuration key

Data type


Default value



This setting is optional

Defines if the update should fail with an error or just log a warning if external metadata file is not successfully downloaded.

Possible values:

  • true: The update will fail with an error. (default)

  • false: a warning will be logged, but the update will continue.


To fetch external metadata from, configure the plugin with:

Configuration key name Value

External metadata file source URL

Change log



  • Updated to the latest version plugin framework (Funnelback shared v16.20) to enable integration with the new plugin management dashboard.