This limits the concurrency of extra searches to a percentage of the available cores. For example if the machine has 4 processors and this is set to '75' then a single search can execute at most 3 extra searches concurrently. The value is always rounded down if set to '99' on a 4 core machine we will use 3 processors.

A minimum of 1 processor will always be used.

Setting the key

Set this configuration key in the results page (preferred) or search package configuration.

Use the configuration key editor to add or edit the ui.modern.extra_search_cpu_count_percentage key, and set the value. This can be set to any valid Double value.

Default value


Use all of the available processors.


Use 50% of the available processors:


Use all but one of the processors (on a machine with 100 or less processors):


Uses 1 processors for extra searches no matter how many processors the machine has.