Troubleshooting extra searches

This article provides information on how to debug problems with extra searches.

If extra search results are not showing:

  • Check the parent search package configuration to ensure that the extra search is configured to run, and that the correct extra searches are defined.

    Extra search configuration is currently not supported within the results page configuration and must be configured in the parent search package.
  • Check the data model to see if the extra search is returned. Each extra search that runs should create an element beneath the extraSearches node at the top level of the data model. If no extra searches are returned then the extra search may be misconfigured or not have been enabled.

  • If the data model is populated and you’re not seeing anything in your search results, check your template to ensure that the Freemarker required to display the extra search has been added; or the code that you are using to display the Funnelback search results is processing the extra search elements within the data model.

  • Check to see if any curator rules are defined that disable or manipulate the extra search.

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