Sets the CSV format to use when filtering a CSV document.

Key: filter.csv-to-xml.format
Type: CSVOptions allowed values: RFC4180_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES, RFC4180, EXCEL, TSV, MYSQL or MIME_TYPE
Can be set in: collection.cfg


The following values may be set for this option:

  • RFC4180_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES: Process the CSV as RFC4180 skipping blank lines.

  • RFC4180: Process the CSV as RFC4180.

  • EXCEL: Process the CSV in the format Excel exports. Some regional settings may cause issues. You may be required to transform Excel CSV to RFC4180 before the CSVToXML filter is run.

  • TSV: Process the document as tab separated values.

  • MYSQL: Process the CSV in format generated when MySQL exports to a CSV file.

  • MIME_TYPE: Process the CSV using one of the previously listed formats based on the mime type of the document. If the mime type is text/csv then RFC4180_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES will be used. If the mime type is text/tab-separated-values then TSV will be used.

Default Value



To interpret documents as MySQL style CSV.