qie.cfg defines a set of query independent evidence weightings that are applied based on the pattern matches to the document’s URL.


Query independent evidence is used to assign a weighting to documents that is applied regardless of what query is being run. This allows an administrator to mark certain documents that are generally more or less important in your content.

For example, documents from a particular website may be up-weighted, while documents of a particular filetype may be down-weighted.

Editing qie.cfg

qie.cfg is created within a data source, using the Configuration file manager


A text file, with one QIE score and one regular expression pattern per line, or a comment.

# comment line



is a floating point number (within a range of 0.0-1.0), specifying the QIE weight to be applied. A value between 0.5 and 1.0 indicates an up-weight, a value between 0.0 and 0.5 indicates a down-weight.

The default value of QIE weight is a configurable value, set in the qie.default_weight configuration key. This weight is applied to any URLs that do not have a QIE weighting applied after the rules from qie.cfg and query-qie.cfg are applied.

If qie.default_weight is not specified, it defaults to a neutral weighting of 0.5.


is a perl5 syntax regular expression that is matched against the document’s indexed URL.

PADRE strips http:// from the start of URLs when building the index, so this should be omitted in your URL patterns. However, you should include other protocols such as https://.

A comment which is ignored when processing the configuration file.

For example:

# down-weight pages from all states except Western Australia
0.25  ^(https://)?[^/]*nsw.gov.au/
1.0   ^(https://)?[^/]*wa.gov.au/
0.25  ^(https://)?[^/]*sa.gov.au/
0.25  ^(https://)?[^/]*nt.gov.au/

Each indexed URL is matched against every URL pattern, stopping at the first match. If none match, a default score of 0.5 is applied. query-qie.cfg rules are processed after the URL based rules. If a URL matches a pattern in qie.cfg this will take precedence over any matches to a query defined in query-qie.cfg.