Specifies a set of days of the week on which fixed start-time tasks for the given type will be automatically scheduled.

Key: schedule.[taskType].fixed.permitted-days-of-week
Type: DaysOfWeekOrAny
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This setting declares a set of days of the week on which the schedule.taskType.fixed.start-times setting applies, allowing for updates to occur only on weekdays or for different types of updates to be performed on the weekend.

Individual values are the English day of the week names in upper case to match Java’s DayOfWeek values. Values in the set are separated by commas.

The value ANY is also permitted, which indicates that no day of week restriction should be applied.

See: update task scheduler - supported task types for permitted values of the taskType.

Default Value




Queue full update tasks at the times declared in schedule.full-update.fixed.start-times only on Monday and Wednesday instead of every day of the week.