P@noptic 4.1.0 release notes

Released: 1 Nov 2002

Prior to v6.0 Funnelback was known as P@noptic Search

Enhanced web administration interface

  • Advanced editing of a configuration file displays the list of edits concisely during confirmation.

  • Context sensitive help has been added to the add/edit collection pages.

  • Viewing log files is now compatible with Internet Explorer.

Enhanced search interface

  • Optional summary generation based on user-defined metadata elements.

  • Improved support for viewing cached documents using Netscape and Mozilla.

New security features

  • Ability to specify secure directories to help detect security related problems in the operating system, routers, or DNS configuration.

  • External collections are indicated as such in the administration interface homepage.

  • Collections must be explicitly configured to be publicly available to help prevent internal collections accidentally being made public.

New search options

  • Optional case sensitive searching.

  • Optional scoring mode that upweights matches in subject or description metadata.

Better Support for XML Indexing

  • XML scanner supports CDATA elements.

  • External metadata can be used with XML collections.

Updated Software

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.4.1

  • Updated JTidy Parser