Profile specific location


Collection level location



List of queries to apply to blend together into a single result set based on triggers.


Query blending allows multiple variants of a query to be run and then blended into a single result set. Query blending can be performed based on a number of sources as defined in the -qsup query processor option. This file defines the blending rules to be applied.


blending.cfg should only be used in tandem with the -qsup=SYNS query processor option - entries in blending.cfg may be different from those in synonyms.cfg.


A text file, beginning with a line indicating the version number of the thesaurus (currently there is only one available). Each subsequent line indicates an entire query or query term that will be expanded into a different query or query term, with the resulting query being blended with the initial one. Each line is then:


where type is a character indicating the type of expansion:

    • indicates a whole of query expansions

  • % indicates a term by term expansion

  • ~ indicates a regular expression expansion


When a profile is set, the blending.cfg for that profile will be used. If the set profile does not have a profile specific blending.cfg file the collection level file will be used instead.


PADRE Thesaurus Version: 2
+=Department for Administrative Affairs=DAA

The above settings would result in the following processing:

  • The query colour returning combined results for colour and for color

  • The query Department for Administrative Affairs returning combined results for Department for Administrative Affairs and DAA

  • The query where are the documents returning combined results for where are the documents and green