Upgrade your search to use a new version of a plugin

Plugins are sometimes update to enable newer features or fix bugs. When this occurs you will need to update the plugin version that you are using if you want to make use of the updated features.

You may see a message on the plugin configuration screen similar to

This is an older version of the PLUGIN NAME plugin which doesn’t support the plugin configuration interface. Configuration of the plugin must be performed manually using the configuration key editor. Please see the documentation for information on how to configure this plugin.

This indicates a plugin that was built before the newer plugin management screens were added.

Upgrade process

Check your current plugin version

There are two ways to check what plugin version you are using.

Check the change log upgrade notes for the plugin

Once you know your plugin version you should look at the current plugin version documentation to see if there are any special upgrade steps. These will be listed in the plugin documentation. To access the documentation:

  • Locate the plugin documentation in the list of plugins, or

  • Choose the plugin from the plugin management screen and click the view documentation button.

Update the plugin configuration

Update the plugin version

This is the only step required to upgrade most plugins to the latest version, but always check the change log to ensure there are no additional steps.
  1. Navigate to your results page or data source where the plugin is enabled.

  2. Edit the results page or data source configuration.

  3. Unpublish the plugin.*.version key for the plugin you are upgrading (results page only).

  4. Update the version number to the new version

  5. Publish the key (results page only).

Update the plugin configuration

  • If the change log for the plugin lists any additional upgrade steps then follow these to ensure the plugin works correctly after the upgrade.

Almost all required changes will need to made by editing the plugin configuration, accessed from the Manage a plugin screen, configured plugins tab, or from the plugins section of your results page or data source management screen.