P@noptic 3.0.1 release notes

Released: 22 June 2001

Prior to v6.0 Funnelback was known as P@noptic Search
  • RedHat 7.1 based

    • far faster filesystem formatting.

    • firewall software for increased security.

    • support for more modern hardware, particularly hardware RAID.

    • support for large files and very large physical memory.

    • simple installation.

  • Metadata search

    • Customizable advanced search form allows meaningful GUI access to metadata search capability.

    • Support for additional Dublin Core and AGLS metadata elements

  • Dramatic improvement in results of "homepage" type searches due to use of anchor text heuristic.

  • Crawler improvements

    • support for virtual hosts.

    • better rejection of binary files masquerading as e.g. text/html.

    • reduced network traffic.

  • Improvements to text filter framework

    • Robust despite inclusion of punctuation and non-printable characters in URLs.

    • Faster, more reliable filter for PDF.

    • Timeout on each individual conversion.

    • Concise but informative filter logfile.

  • Disaster recovery

    • In a standard 2-disk installation, updates alternate between disks and configuration information is regularly backed up to the second disk. Scripts are provided (and documented) for rapid recovery in most cases from disk failure.

  • More usable and secure administration GUI.

  • Miscellaneous fixes.