Funnelback 15.4.0 release notes

15.4.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved Modern UI logging: FreeMarker error are now logged to the Modern UI log rather than the Jetty log, and extra searches messages now contain the proper collection and profile information.

  • The classic admin UI now uses the same login page and authentication system as the marketing dashboard.

  • Funnelback now includes an output connector for ManifoldCF version 2.x, in place of including a full installation of ManifoldCF v1.x.

  • Push collections use a better algorithm for choosing which generation to merge.

  • Push multi server setups use significantly less bandwidth and less disk IO for replication.

  • Push multi server setups can now ignore redirect files on the index.

  • Push will now re-index large generations with mostly killed documents.

  • Push multi server setups now support compression and no longer require the webdav service.

  • Push supports parallel indexing.

15.4.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Deprecated binaries have been removed from SEARCH_HOME/linbin/ (Linux) and SEARCH_HOME/wbin/ (Windows): info-zip, libxslt, modssl, nginx, openssl, xsltproc. These will need to be re-installed separately if needed.

  • Since Funnelback no longer includes an embedded Manifold CF installation, please ensure ManifoldCF is installed as described by connecting enterprise repositories if it is to be used.

  • Funnelback’s embedded Jetty web server no longer provides JSP support for web applications. This was only used by ManifoldCF which now needs to be installed separately.

15.4.0 Errata

  • An issue exists with the Admin UI’s "Prepare Funnelback for upgrade" system menu option in 15.4.0. To work around this issue, please use the following Push API call directly

    POST /v1/upgrade/prepare

An interface to access this call directly is available within Funnelback’s UI (https://<host name>:<admin port>/search/admin/api-ui/ ) under the Push API tab in the push-api-collection section.