Managing your Funnelback license

The number of items that can be included in your search index is governed by the Funnelback license that you have purchased for your search.

You can find out some information about your license by clicking on the manage licenses link in the search dashboard navigation.

Checking your current license usage

The current usage of your Funnelback license can be checked by clicking on the manage licenses link in the search dashboard navigation.

The manage licenses screen will display a summary of your license including information on the number of allowed documents and total usage.

If you click on the license name you can view a detailed summary of each data source that is attached to the license and the associated usage.

License usage can also be obtained programmatically via the administration API, by accessing the relevant API calls within the license limits and usage section.

What counts towards the license usage?

Every item that is a candidate for a search result counts towards your license. This includes:

  • Every unique URL from a website (including variant request parameters that might be included when indexing the page)

  • Each Facebook post, YouTube video or Tweet.

  • Each item in a split XML/JSON/CSV file

  • Each unique item returned from an API

  • Each unique document from an indexed file system

  • Each record from a directory

  • Each row from the result of running an SQL database query

What happens when I run out of license capacity?

When you run out of license capacity the following occurs:

  • Your searches will continue to return results from the search index, however the index may stop updating or be incomplete.

  • You receive a notification on the search dashboard about exceeding your license.

  • The indexer will stop indexing documents from a data source once the capacity is reached (this will result in an incomplete, but searchable, index)

  • Data sources will stop updating.

How do I get my data sources updated when capacity is reached?

You have a couple of choices when you reach your index capacity to get your indexes updating again.

  • You can increase your license size (see below)

  • You can limit the number of items indexed by individual data sources, or delete some data sources.

    • You can specify exclusion rules or robots.txt directives to prevent certain documents from being gathered and indexed.

    • You can limit the number of documents gathered. e.g. For a web data source you can set a maximum number of documents to crawl by setting the crawler.max_files_stored data source option.

    • For social media data sources you can use the date filter to discard certain posts or tweets

How can I increase my license capacity?

A larger license can be obtained by contacting your account manager to organize a license upgrade.