Setup your plugin development environment

Plugin development is currently only supported on x86 (Intel) based platforms.

Plugin development requires a suitable development environment.

Java 11

Development of plugins requires Java 11, specifically OpenJDK 11. All code is written using the Java programming language.

OpenJDK11 can be downloaded from the Adoptium website.

You must use Java 11 as this is the version currently used by Funnelback. Other versions of Java (both newer and older) will not be fully compatible.

Apache Maven

Apache Maven provides access to the plugin framework and other shared libraries. It is used to manage the dependencies, build, and package your plugin.

Apache Maven can be downloaded from the Apache Maven project website.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is an integrated development environment (IDE) that we recommend installing when developing plugins. Alternative IDEs, such as Eclipse, can also be used but the Funnelback documentation only provides IntelliJ specific examples.

When using IntelliJ you should also install the IntelliJ AsciiDoc plugin which assists you in writing the plugin documentation.

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