Push index data source

A push data source (or push index) is a special data source that provides an index that can be updated via an API.

Push indexes do not provide any gathering logic and are designed to be integrated in to other systems and programs. Push data sources also follow a very different update model to other types of data sources.

Content is indexed in near-real time.

There are two main ways that a push data source is used:

Direct integration with the Push API

an external application or program is integrated directly with the push index and makes API calls to add, remove and update content within the push index.

Squiz Connect

A Squiz Connect recipe that utilizes a Funnelback component is used to gather content. The content is submitted to a push index.

Create a push data source

Push data sources are created in the same manner as other data source types. From the search dashboard:

  1. Create a new data source, and select Push2 as the data source type.

  2. Enter a name for the data source and click Finish

The push index will be started as soon as the data source is created and can start accepting API calls.

Updating a push data source

Content in a push index is updated programmatically by interacting with the push API. see: Direct integration with a push index for information on how to integrate with the API.

Retrieving search results from a push index

A push index is accessed in the same manner as any other Funnelback data source.

In order to retrieve results from a push index you need to:

  • add the push data source to a search package

  • ensure that the search package has a results page configured

  • submit queries to this results page.