Funnelback 9.0.4 release notes

Released: 25th March 2010

New Features

  • Handling of complex queries for contextual navigation (fluster).

Selected improvements and bugfixes

  • Query and click log files now always include hostnames, to simplify multi-server setups.

  • Improved query log parsing to support scopes with ampersands.

  • Fixed hourly query spike detection task.

  • Improved reliability for download support package feature with incorrect permissions.

  • Fixed error in scheduling on Windows due to ActivePerl changes.

  • Removed some debugging output under IIS when using contextual navigation.

  • Improved backwards compatibility for s:Compare tags.

  • Improved logging of analytics update processes.

  • Display collection size and updated date in XML results.

  • Fixed rendering of query trend graphs under Internet Explorer 8.

  • Removal of temporary files created during query spike detection on Windows.

  • Allow multiple collection admin email addresses to be specified from collection editing.

  • More reliable perl workflow script launching on Windows.

  • Support for query report emailing via SMTP servers not requiring authentication.

  • Scheduling improvements for Windows Server 2008.

  • Fixed indexing of documents using noindex tags around the first outgoing link.

  • Fixed title and url sorting of results.

  • Handling of profile-based collections with new contextual navigation system.

  • Handling of profile-based users in analytics.

  • Assorted documentation corrections and improvements.