Specifies a set of times at which tasks of the given type will be automatically scheduled.

Key: schedule.[taskType].fixed.start-times
Type: Set<java.time.LocalTime>
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This setting declares a set of times at which a task of the given type for will be added to the task queue.

Individual time values are in the ISO-8601 extended local time format and values must be separated by commas. Further details on the format accepted for the individual time values and examples are available in Java’s DateTimeFormatter.ISO_LOCAL_TIME method documentation.

Values are considered to be relative to the timezone declared in the schedule.timezone setting.

See: update task scheduler - supported task types for permitted values of the taskType.

Default Value

No values is set by default, meaning no tasks are queued at fixed times.



Queue a full update task for the current data source at 9:15 am and another at 5:45pm in the schedule.timezone on each day permitted by the schedule.full-update.fixed.permitted-days-of-week setting.