Search analytics and insights training - SEO auditor

The search engine optimization (SEO) auditor is a tool that can be used to help explain and improve the search ranking of a specific page for specific keywords.

seo auditor 01

The audit report is displayed after a URL and keyword is entered. The SEO auditor report is broken into three main sections:

  • Summary

  • Top ranked results

  • Optimization tips

SEO auditor summary

The SEO auditor summary provides summary information about the document and how it performs for the specific query.

seo auditor summary 01

The summary also provides information on the number of indexable words found within the document, broken into the total number of words and number of unique words.

The start over button allows a new SEO audit to be performed on a different URL and set of keywords.

SEO auditor top ranked results

The top ranked results section provides a comparison between the page of interest and the top 10 results for the query.

seo auditor top ranked results 01

The chart provides a breakdown of the factors that influence the ranking score for the page of interest and each document in the top 10 results.

Hovering over the results in the table provides a quick audit button allowing an SEO audit to be performed for the specific result, with the current query.

seo auditor top ranked results 02

SEO auditor optimization tips

The final section of the SEO auditor report provides optimization advice on how to improve the ranking of the page of interest.

The section is broken into a number of sub-topics that provide advice and charts showing how the page of interest compares to the top 10 results for the specific ranking factor.

seo auditor optimisation tips 01

Tutorial: SEO auditor

  1. Open the insights dashboard and select the Foodista search results page. The SEO auditor can be accessed by clicking on the SEO auditor link in the left hand menu, or by entering a URL and search query into the SEO auditor tile. Click the SEO auditor link in the left hand menu to open the SEO auditor.

    exercise seo auditor 01
  2. Enter a URL for analysis. This can either be input directly or by clicking the suggest URL button. Normally you will already have a URL in mind before using the tool so it can be input directly. Click suggest URL to see a list of suggestions. Click one of the URLs and this will appear in the URL field. Press the hide button to close the suggestions.

    exercise seo auditor 02
  3. Click on the suggest keyword(s) button to open up a tag cloud of popular search terms for the URL. Clicking on a suggestion will input the keyword into the search keywords field. Note: the suggested keywords for the training dataset are based on fake analytics data and using one of the suggested words has a high chance of returning zero or poor results for the suggested URL.

    exercise seo auditor 03
  4. A more common use for SEO auditor case is to answer the question: Why does the URL display at rank X when I search for Y? For this use case the URL and keyword of interest will already be known and should be entered directly into the boxes. Enter the following into the SEO auditor form then press the audit button.

  5. Observe that the URL returns at rank number 3 for a query of burger. Looking at the ranking chart it is clear that the content component is the biggest difference between this result and the URL that returned as the first result.

    exercise seo auditor 05
  6. Scroll down to the optimization tips for advice on how to potentially improve the ranking of the URL of interest. The suggestions are tailored for the current report. In this case they are focussed on improving the content of the document.