Plugin: Faceted navigation - custom sort position

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This plugin enables you to define the sort order of specified categories at the start and end of the category sort order, with the unspecified categories being sorted by the standard sort options.


  1. Enable the plugin

    Enable the facets-custom-sort-position plugin on your results page from the Extensions screen in the administration dashboard or add the following results page configuration to enable the plugin.

  2. Apply custom sorting in the faceted navigation configuration

    Edit your faceted navigation configuration for that facet that you wish to apply the defined sort order to.

    The sorting method is set using the category sort options. To apply your custom sort, choose custom at the level you wish to apply your custom sort.

    e.g. to sort using the custom sort then have the remainder sort alphabetically

    • set first sort by to custom

    • set and then sort by to Label (A-Z)

  3. Configure the plugin

    The following options can be set in the results page configuration to configure the plugin:

    • plugin.facets-custom-sort-position.config.<facet_name>.order.first: Defines the list of categories, pipe-delimited, to place at the top of the listed facet categories.

    • plugin.facets-custom-sort-position.config.<facet_name>.order.last: Defines the list of categories, pipe-delimited, to place at the bottom of the listed facet categories.


    • <facet_name> is the facet containing the category that is to be reordered.


Define a custom sort order

Consider the State facet, which contains categories consisting of Australian states and territories: NT NSW WA Vic ACT Tas SA Qld. You wish to order these by population.

Enabling the plugin, applying custom sort to the State facet and setting:


results in sorting of the categories from most to least populous: NSW Vic Qld WA SA Tas ACT NT.

Provide and A-Z facet with an all option

Consider you have a facet that provides and A-Z filter with an all option. You wish to present the A-Z options in alphabetical order followed by numbers, and place the all option as the first option.

Enabling the plugin, applying custom sort to the AZ facet and setting:


will result in the following order: All A B C …​ X Y Z 0-9

If you wish the all option to be presented last then you can set:


which will result in the following order: A B C …​ X Y Z 0-9 All

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