Introduction to push indexes

Push data sources provide an index that can be programmatically updated by integrating with the push API.

Content submitted to the API is added, retrieved, updated and removed in near-real time.

Additional metadata can be associated with content if necessary (via HTTP headers, or multi-part HTTP requests). Each content has a unique identifier, a Key, which needs to be a valid URI. This key is used to retrieve, update or delete the content, and is used as the content URL when displaying search results.

Content is made available for search after the pending changes on a data source are committed. A commit can be done manually via the API, and will also happen automatically after a configured timeout or after a number of changes have been made.

Filters can also be run when submitting content via the API.

Update process model

Push indexes use a transactional update model that is serviced using the push API.

Content is added, updated and removed using the corresponding API calls and then committed to the index.