The initial mode in which push should start.

Key: push.initial-mode
Type: RunMode allowed values: DEFAULT, SLAVE or UNKNOWN
Can be set in: collection.cfg


Sets the initial mode in which push should operate in. This is only read the first time a push data source starts, i.e. the first time an editing call is made to the push API.

The push.commit-type can be set to the following values:

  • DEFAULT: the push data source can be used to add and delete documents

  • SLAVE: the push data source is read only

If the push data source has already been started at least once, you can change the mode by running the following API call:

POST /push-api/v1/collections/test-push2/mode/?mode=<VALUE>

where value is either 'DEFAULT' or 'SLAVE'.


If you wish to set up a query processors for a push data source you can set:


before the push data source is started.