Plugin: tabs-remove-parameters

This plugin provides the ability to remove parameters such as sort and num_ranks when navigating between tabs. This is useful in the scenario where retaining the user’s selection is not desirable.

For example, by default, the product behaves in the following manner:


  • A search implementation with a primary tab which has two categories; Courses and events.

  • The courses tab is selected.

  • Results are ordered by title.


  • A user changes from courses to events.


  • The events tab is selected and the results are sorted by title.

This plugin will change the behaviour so that the above will be:

  • The events tab is selected and the results are sorted by relevancy (which is the default sort).


The plugin expects that tabs are set up using a Tabbed facet which is named "Tabs" (case-sensitive).


The following parameter keys need to be added to the results page to enable the plugin.


The following parameter keys can be used to configure the plugin:

  • plugin.tabs-remove-parameters.config.remove_parameters: Determines which url parameters should be removed when navigating from a tab with browse mode enabled to another tab. Accepts a comma separated list of strings.


Remove the sort parameter when navigating from tab to tab.


Remove the num_ranks and fmo parameters when navigating from tab to tab.


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