Specify which java/groovy classes will be used for filtering, and operate on JSoup objects rather than byte streams.

Key: filter.jsoup.classes
Type: List<String>
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This setting specifies a list of Java/Groovy classes that are run by the Jsoup filter.

The value of this setting is a comma separated list of Jsoup filter class names to be run in the order specified (left to right).

The names given in this configuration option should be fully qualified Java/Groovy class names, or simple class names which are then assumed to exist within the com.funnelback.common.filter.jsoup package. Groovy classes will be loaded from $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/groovy or the data source’s @groovy directory, and where they are declared within a package, the directory structure within the @groovy folder below must reflect the package name.

Default Value



Add an additional custom Jsoup filter (com.example.CustomFilter) that will process the HTML after all the default Jsoup filters have run: