Plugin: Vimeo gatherer

Other versions of this plugin may exist. Please ensure you are viewing the documentation for the version that you are currently using. If you are not running the latest version of your plugin we recommend upgrading. See: list of all available versions of this plugin.


This plugin is used to index public content from a Vimeo account.



Before you start the following steps must be completed to configure your Vimeo for use with the plugin:

Create a custom data source

This plugin must be used in conjunction with a custom data source. Before using this plugin ensure you have created a custom data source, then enable the plugin on this data source.

Enable the plugin

Enable the Vimeo gatherer plugin on your data source from the Extensions screen in the administration dashboard or add the following data source configuration to enable the plugin.


Enable the JSONToXML filter

This plugin requires the JSONToXML built-in filter to be added to the filter chain.

The plugin will take effect after a full update of the data source.

Plugin configuration settings

The following options can be set in the data source configuration to configure the plugin:

  • plugin.vimeo.config.client-identifier (Required): Vimeo App Client Identifier, which can be found in the Vimeo App settings page under General Information.

  • plugin.vimeo.encrypted.client-secret (Required): Vimeo App Client Secrets, which can be found in the Vimeo App settings page under Authentication  Manage App Secret.

  • plugin.vimeo.config.user-id (Required): Vimeo User/Profile ID,which can be found in the profile page URL. e.g. If the User Profile page URL is, then the User ID is squiz. Note: the plugin can only gather public content from a single Vimeo User account.

Vimeo Video data JSON

See: API Response - Video for details

The JSON data is processed using the JsonToXml filter. All the fields are available for mapping with the elements being nested beneath a JSON element: /json/, e.g. to map the name field, use the following X-Path when configuring your XML field mapping /json/name

Metadata mappings

Default mapping

Class ID Type JSON fields from Vimeo API Video response
















Manual metadata mapping

Use the metadata mappings to configure your metadata mappings. Available fields will be listed by viewing the available XML fields.

The -SF query processor option must also be configured on your results page to include these metadata fields in the search response (e.g. -SF=[your_own_mapping_name,.....]).

All versions of vimeo