Funnelback 15.6.0 release notes

15.6.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Introduced Translucent Document Level Security, which allows for some information to be exposed about documents the current user is not permitted to see.

  • Renamed Funnelback’s "Query Completion" feature to "Auto-complete".

  • Introduced a new Custom Servlet Filter Hook mechanism to allow for advanced pre/post filtering of search requests.

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from copying an in-live-only synonym/best-bet/curator.

  • Fixed an issue with the breadcrumb missing "tuning" link in Tuning History page.

  • Fixed bug in accessibility checker where StackOverflowErrors would be generated and stored in the log.

  • Fixed bug in accessibility reporter where checking documents with large numbers of errors would result in an OutOfMemoryError.

  • Funnelback’s installer is now 64-bit, and no longer requires 32-bit compatibility libraries in order to install.

  • Crawls will now exit with a success status if they store documents (regardless of whether they are downloaded or copied-forward by incremental crawling).

  • Several design/interaction improvements and enhancements to the Admin, Documentation, SEO Auditor and Content Auditor interfaces.

  • Push collections will now accept header metadata with the prefix X-Funnelback-Push-Meta-Data- - The old prefix with underscores is still supported, but it discouraged as some proxy servers strip such headers by default.

  • Implemented ability to compare live and preview versions of curator rules.

  • Corrected handling of spaces in filenames within web resources.

15.6.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Please note that the renaming of "Query Completion" to "Auto-complete" affects a large number of collection.cfg settings as well as csv file name and a number of other areas. Where possible, the installer will automatically rename settings, file and update the relevant setting references in ftl files. Custom workflow scripts interacting with these settings or files may need to be manually updated while upgrading Funnelback.

  • If classic-ui is installed, database collections using the classic-ui’s serve-db-document links may no longer work. Cache views, ideally the modern-ui’s cache, should be used to provide links for database records instead.

  • The systems for starting most gathering components have been changed - While no functionality should be affected, please be aware that the format of the update logs have been changed.

  • The modern-ui cache controller applies a stricter security model for cache copies and any collections which have a Security field enabled will not be able to serve cache copies. Previously FileCopy collections had a security field set by default, even if DLS was not enabled, and unless removed this will prevent cache copies from being accessible after upgrading.

  • When upgrading, the installer will now move leftover files from lib/java/all to lib/java/prev-timestamp. This is to prevent custom or patched .jar files (deployed in earlier versions) from interfering with the upgraded systems. Files in lib/java/prev-timestamp should be inspected and moved back into lib/java/all after the upgrade manually if they are required.

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