Metadata truncated for class X


This error occurs when Funnelback detects a metadata field that has content larger than the configured maximum metadata field length.

This is a non-fatal error and the consequence is that metadata displayed in the search results may be truncated (cut off).

the maximum field length is not the only thing that can cause a metadata field to appear truncated in the search results. See: Metadata is missing or truncated in search results

Error message

Displayed in the Step-Index.log file

Warning: Meta data truncated for class 'X', you may want to use a bigger value of -mdsfml. The metadata content started with '...


This means the indexer truncated the value of the specified metadata field for the URL mentioned in the index log. This error will be listed in the log file but will not cause a collection update to fail.


  1. Increase the size of space allocated for metadata field values. Add or increase the value of the -mdsfml indexer option. This is done either by adding the option to the indexer options (e.g. indexer_options= -mdsfml2000 increases the field size to 2000 characters) when editing the collection configuration.

  2. After making the change run an advanced update to rebuild the live index.