Funnelback 13.0.1 release notes

Released: 4 November 2013

13.0.1 - Selected improvements and bugfixes

  • Fixed a problem with the uninstaller generating error messages about non-existent services on Windows installations

13.0.1 Upgrade Issues

  • If upgrading from version 13.0.0, the uninstaller for version 13.0.0 should be run manually, and error related to service stop/delete errors manually dismissed rather than allowing the uninstaller to be automatically run as part of the new installation. Upgrades from versions earlier than 13.0.0 do not require this step.

  • Due to a known issue, the convertRelative parameter on the <@fb.IncludeUrl> tag only supports the all-lowercase syntax: convertrelative


Type Release version Description

3 Bug fixes

Fixes various DLS security flaws.