This option allows the selection of the number of logs to use from each archive directory.

It can be useful to limit the click data that is included in indexes to a certain degree of recentness. This helps keep the search results as relevant as possible over results pages with changing information. This option can be set to:

  • n: where the last n records from each archive directory (as determined by alphabetical sort of the click logs) will have their click data included when building the index.

  • all: where every available click log in the archive directories will have their click data included when building the index.

The logs are usually archived each time a component data source is updated, which triggers an update of the search package. This means that if your search package is updated once per day, then setting this option to '5' will include the last 5 days worth of click logs.

The number of logs to use applies to all archive directories.

Setting the key

Set this configuration key in the search package or data source configuration.

Use the configuration key editor to add or edit the click_data.num_archived_logs_to_use key, and set the value. This can be set to any valid String value.

Default value