Funnelback APIs


Funnelback provides a number of REST APIs which can be used to interact with Funnelback.

An interface to view the available calls and their documentation is available from the search dashboard system menu, through the link labelled 'view API UI'.

Admin API

This API provides calls for many Funnelback administration tasks, including all those used by the Search and insights dashboards.

Please note that these API calls generally require an API token to be provided with requests. A token can be created using the 'post /account/v1/login' call shown under user-account-management, and will be returned in the response’s x-security-token header. This token can then be put into the 'paste your API token here' input in the top left to be automatically included in subsequent API calls made within this UI. For further information about API tokens see API Token Authentication.

Please note also that the login api also sets a browser cookie with the created token, so in may cases providing it in the token input field may be unnecessary.

Push API

This API interacts with Funnelback Push collections to add and update content. Details are provided in the push data sources page.