Funnelback APIs

Funnelback provides a number of REST APIs which can be used to interact with Funnelback.

An interface to view the available calls and their documentation is available from the search dashboard system menu, through the link labelled 'view API UI'.

Public search APIs

Funnelback public search APIs provide access to the public search indexes and are used to access your search results.

  • Public search API

    Public search and content APIs for looking up content from your search index.

Administration and management APIs

Funnelback administration and management APIs require authentication.

  • Push API

    API calls for managing push data sources, and for maintaining content stored within push indexes.

  • Administration API

    API calls for interacting with Funnelback administration services.

  • Configuration API

    API calls for managing Funnelback configuration keys.

  • Mediator API

    Legacy API for interacting with the mediator CLI.