File editor


The file editing page allows you to edit a configuration file. For some files, the page will display a simple text box, while others will be displayed with syntax highlighting and additional options.


The screenshot below illustrates a basic edit example for the external_metadata.cfg file. This file can be edited as with any normal web text area.



Click tools and select Download file to download a current configuration file to your computer.


The file manager automatically backs up files when they are saved unless you deselect the option to retain a backup. This allows a previous version to be restored.

Backup files have a timestamp appended to their name, for example the file file-name-200609270849.cfg is a backup of file-name.cfg.

While previewing a backup file content you can compare it with the current version by clicking tools and selecting Compare backup with current.


Click back to directory if you want to discard the changes and keep the file unmodified.