Kill Partial






Defines URL patterns to be killed from a collection during the indexing phase .

To access the Kill Partial configuration editor, go to administration home page then under the Administer tab select Browse Collection Configuration Files and it will open up the file manager. Then click on Edit Configuration Files button and it will navigate you to the configuration file manager. Alternatively you can use a WebDAV Client to edit this file directly.

When this list exists, it will be automatically applied to all non-Push collections when the collection is indexed.

Table of Contents


The file consists of a list of URL patterns of documents to kill, with one URL per line.

The pattern is a simple string that is matched as a left-anchored substring against the indexed URL.

The pattern does not support wildcards or regular expressions.

Example              # matches all docs with URLs in the site                     # exactly the same as the previous line (http protocol is assumed).
https                                   # matches all the URLs starting with the https protocol  # matches calendar.cgi with any trailing parameters