Connect overview

Connect is a Cloud-based integration platform purpose-built for Squiz DXP users.

Connect’s prebuilt components allow you to build integrations that create a digital ecosystem with rapid data flows between your Squiz products and your other digital applications, systems, and technologies. With its simple user interface, Connect empowers teams to access and use the data sitting across their organization to build more personalized and cohesive experiences for customers.

  • Getting started

    Learn more about the fundamentals of Connect through these getting started pages of the Connect docs.

  • Integrator guide

    Learn more about how to build and manage integration flows in Connect through these more advanced pages of the Connect docs.

  • Components

    Learn more details about each of Connect’s integration components through these pages of the Connect docs.

  • Release notes

    Keep up-to-date with the latest features and fixes available in Connect.

  • REST API Documentation

    Access to the REST API documentation for Connect.