Lionbridge Translation

The Lionbridge Translation component allows Connect to work with Lionbridge through its Content APIs.

Read the Lionbridge Key concepts documentation for further insight.


  • Username

  • Password

  • ApiURI

  • ProviderId


This component has no trigger functions. This means it will not be accessible to select as a first component during the integration flow design.

Usage examples

To use this component, you should create two flows with the following structures:

Example 1. First flow

Webhook1 > Lionbridge translation2 > Key:Value storage3

  1. Retrieves input message for a requestTranslationJob*** action and sends it next.

  2. One of the requestTranslationJob*** actions retrieves a message from the webhook and returns a jobCode.

  3. Saves a jobCode from the previous step as a pending job.

Example 2. Second flow

Timer > Key:Value storage1 > Node.js code2 > Lionbridge translate3 > Filter4 > Key:Value storage5 > Lionbridge translate6 > Translated message

  1. Read and return an array of jobCodes of pending jobs.

  2. Inside forEach loop emits every jobCode separately to the next step.

  3. Returns a status of a job through the "Retrieve job status" action.

  4. Compares body.statusCode to be equal "REVIEW_TRANSLATION". The subsequent step will fire if the filter expression returns true.

  5. Removes jobCode from storage.

  6. Retrieve translation results using jobCode.

  7. Translated data is returned as a message.