The Stripe component allows Connect to work with the Stripe online payment system.

This component, developed specifically to run on Squiz Connect, works with Stripe in integration flows to provide the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems.


This component uses the following credentials configuration fields:


A required string value. Read the Stripe Documentation for more information about Stripe API Keys.


This component has no trigger functions. This means it will not be accessible to select as a first component during the integration flow design.


Make raw request

Executes a custom request.

Configuration Fields

Don’t throw error on 404 or 402 Response

An optional boolean value. When selected this option will cause the system to not treat 404 and 402 HTTP responses as errors. The default is false.

Input metadata

Make raw request

A required string value. This value is the resource path, relative to


A required string value. One of the following HTTP methods:

  • GET

  • POST

  • PUT



Request Body

An optional object value. The body of the request.

API Version

An optional string value. The API version that is in use. If no value is present, version 2020-08-27 will be used by default. Find your version at Stripe versioning or the Stripe API-changelog.

Idempotency Key

An optional string value. A unique value that the server uses to recognize subsequent retries of the same request (UUID is recommended). Stripe Idempotent requests.

Output metadata

Status Code

A required number value. HTTP status code of the response.

HTTP headers

A required object value. HTTP headers of the response.

Response Body

An optional object value. HTTP response body.

Read the Stripe security guide carefully:

For security purposes, you should consider using the component only for actions that do not involve the processing, transmission, or storage of card data.