Logs page

There are two levels of logging in the platform:

  • The Executions page includes a single record for every execution in the selected workspace

  • The Logs page lists all the logs for all the Flows in the selected workspace.

Searching & filtering logs

Use the Search field to find logs for a specific step in a flow.

Time interval default view

Choose to filter by one or more flow names to concentrate on the logs from a specific flow or flows.
For example you may choose to examine all flows for a specific component.

  • Click the dropdown and use the check-boxes to select the relevant flows

  • Start typing a flow name to find it in the list

  • Click Clear to deselect all flows and return to the default view showing all executions from active flows. This filter allows you to concentrate on logs of one or more Flows by selecting the check-boxes in front of their names in the drop-down menu.

Flow name logs filtering
  • Click the Time Interval filter and use the Calendar & Clock popup to find executions from a specific timeframe which may span months or minutes.

  • Click Apply to apply the filter.

Time interval logs filtering

By default you can see logs at all levels. Use the checkboxes to choose one or more Log Levels from the filter to reduce the number of logs you display.
This enables you to focus on and troubleshoot errors of a specific type like Error, Debug etc.:

Level log filtering

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