CSV triggers

This page describes all triggers available in Connect for the CSV component.

Read CSV file from URL

This trigger fetches the CSV file from a given URL. This URL must be accessible to the component. The fetched CSV file will be placed in the attachment part of the outgoing message.

Read CVS file from URL
  • CSV URL - The full URL to the CSV file from which data will be retrieved.

  • Emit all messages - This check box configures the output behavior of the component. If the option is selected, the component emits an array of messages. Ootherwise, the component emits one message per row.

  • CSV Header ( required ) - Input the names of headers separated by commas.

  • Separators - Specify the type of separator used in the CSV file. The supported separate types are:

    • Comma (,) which is default,

    • Semicolon (;),

    • Space ( ),

    • Tab (\t), and

    • Hash (#).

  • Skip rows - If you are aware that the CSV file has a certain number of header rows, you can specify which of these rows should be skipped using the following supported values:

    • None,

    • First row,

    • First two,

    • First three, and

    • First four.

  • Data columns - These values are added automatically based on the values in the CSV Header field. Each data column is listed with its Column name, Data Type and Format to allow further configuration should this be required.