Shopify triggers

Polling trigger

This trigger polls Shopify API for new and updated objects.

Polling trigger

Configuration fields

Object type

Object type for polling.

Emit behavior

The options for this field are:

Emit individually

Emits each object in a separate message. This is the default.

Fetch all

Emits all objects in one message.

Fetch page

emits object in messages size of Size Of Polling Page.

Start time

Start datetime of polling. The default minimum date is 1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z.

End time

End datetime of polling. The default maximum date is the current timestamp.

Size of polling page

The polling page is used in Fetch Page behavior to determine the size of the emitted message. The default is 50.

Single page per interval

Polls for one page each execution.


Polls for all pages in one execution.

An exception is Emit Behaviour - Fetch All which always polls all records. The default is Yes.

Fetch metafields for object

If selected, in addition to returning the built-in fields associated with the object, return the metafields.

Webhook subscription

Creates webhook subscriptions on the Shopify side and receives events to the flow.

Configuration fields

Object type

Object type for polling.

Shopify documentation

Read the Shopify webhooks documentation for more information.